Form flow samples


  name age sex blood language
Alice 20 Female AB ChineseEnglish
Bob 25 Male O JapaneseEnglish
admin 12 Male A EnglishJapanese
guan 22 Male A English
a 11 Male A English
1 2 Male B English
Urie 27 Male O Chinese
Urie 28 Male O Chinese
asdf 12 Male A Chinese
vue 35 Female A English
  • declare an url rule for a form process with three steps: input, confirm and complete.
  • share form html definition between step pages by embedding
  • use static option data embed in html file rather than rendering by snippet
  • form data display mode
    • automatically generated display DOM at confirm page
    • custom predefined display DOM at complete page
  • define a common parent class to configure the common actions of form flow process
  • customized validation message generation
    • customized validation message DOM in html
    • specify message by form field annotation
    • extend TypeUnMatchValidator(retrieve message from resource bundle)
    • extend JsrValueValidator and customized bean validation initialization(custom message file)
  • output update success message to a specified DOM rather than the global message bar